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A Dental Bridge Will Have You Smiling Again

Tooth loss disrupts your smile in both a literal and figurative sense. When you lose one or more teeth, you have a physical gap in your smile. Missing teeth stand out in pictures and in face-to-face interactions. In a figurative sense, the trauma that accompanies tooth loss can lead to embarrassment and discomfort that prevents… Read more »

Ensuring Your Dental Crown Fits

When something is off with your teeth, you can feel it. Whether there’s a piece of food stuck somewhere or you’re experiencing oral pain, you know when something isn’t quite right. That’s because your bite is a finely tuned machine. If a piece (a tooth) of that machine isn’t working just right, it causes problems… Read more »

Does a Root Canal Have to Be Painful?

Root canal treatment has a reputation for being one of the more unpleasant dental experiences that you can have. That’s because the procedure involves accessing the interior of your tooth that lies deep beneath your gum line. Root canal treatment can be uncomfortable if left in the wrong hands, however, the right dental care situation… Read more »

You’re Causing Problems for Yourself by Ignoring Cavities

If you enjoy getting dental work done on damaged teeth, you’re in the minority of patients. Most people don’t enjoy having procedures, like dental fillings, done to fix their teeth. They find them uncomfortable, intimidating, and a burden to schedule. However, ignoring an issue like a cavity now can cause you real problems in the… Read more »

Fix Your Problem Tooth with a Dental Crown

Do you have a tooth that is always giving you trouble? It could be sensitivity, cavities, or just an ill-fitting shape. If you have a tooth that is giving you problems, it’s time to talk to your dentist. Teeth that cause you pain may be suffering from infection. It’s important to treat that infection quickly… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy Can Save a Tooth

Damaged teeth pose an oral health risk on their own, and to the teeth around them. If your tooth has been severely infected by bacteria, that infection will continue to spread until you take action to stop it. When tooth infection worsens, it moves past the outer layer of enamel, and into the vulnerable interior… Read more »

A Filling Is the Final Step to Treat a Cavity

Dental fillings are one of the most common treatments in dentistry. They’re the simplest way to treat a basic cavity, and they’re incredibly effective when it comes to securing the future of your oral health. However, the filling portion of your treatment is actually the final step in healing a cavity. First, your dentist will… Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Give You a Clean Slate

Tooth decay can be upsetting and painful to deal with. Cavities appear as dark spots that are unsightly in appearance, and can also cause serious harm to the structure of your tooth. If you don’t make a strong effort to brush your teeth, or you continue avoiding dentist appointments, those cavities can get out of… Read more »

Are There Stages to Cavity Formation?

Regular trips to your dentist are the best way to prevent complex oral health issues from developing in your teeth and gums. Cavities are the most common oral health issue that patients face. Almost everyone experiences a cavity at some point in their lives. When addressed quickly, cavities aren’t a huge issue. If allowed to… Read more »

What Can I Do to Avoid Root Canal Infection?

Infected root canals are one of the most serious oral health problems that you can face. That’s because the root canals are a passageway for nutrients, blood vessels, and nerves. They connect your teeth with the rest of your body. When these passageways become infected with bacteria, the bacteria can spread through these channels and… Read more »