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How Can I Restore My Damaged Tooth?

Do you feel great about the state of your teeth? Many people experience some wear or infection in their teeth, and rather than making a dentist appointment, they wait for the problem to go away. This is a huge mistake! If you’re experiencing a problem with your teeth, you need to seek treatment as soon… Read more »

Why Would I Need Root Canal Therapy?

You may have heard the procedure “root canal therapy” referenced before, but you might not be sure what the treatment actually is. If your dentist is recommending root canal therapy for a tooth, it’s most certainly because you need it. Root canal therapy isn’t an elective procedure. In fact, in many cases, it’s the only… Read more »

Stop the Spread of Decay with a Dental Filling

Tooth decay is the greatest threat to your overall oral health. Your mouth is full of bacteria. It’s on your gums, your tongue, and the surfaces of your teeth. Most of that bacteria is harmless. However, some of it produces acid that can wear away at your enamel. This bacteria is responsible for tooth decay…. Read more »

Will I Have to Lose My Damaged Tooth?

If you’ve suffered tooth loss as an adult, you know how stressful this condition can be. It causes both physical and emotional pain, and changes the way you’re able to consume food. It also causes social discomfort, and treatment can be costly. So if you have a tooth that is physically damaged or decayed, you… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy Is Essential for Oral Health

Root canal therapy gets a reputation as being an uncomfortable, arduous procedure. It’s the epitome of a rough dental treatment. For that reason, you may feel apprehensive about undertaking root canal therapy. However, hold off on or avoiding a root canal procedure is the worst thing you can do for the health of your tooth…. Read more »

Dental Crowns Protect Present and Future

If you manage to make it through your entire life without encountering any damage or decay to your teeth, you’re one of the few. It’s completely natural for your teeth to wear down over time. Bacterial buildup, acidic foods and drinks, and accidents can all damage your teeth. When you experience one or multiple of… Read more »

What Does Root Canal Therapy Actually Do?

When your dentist tells you that you need an additional procedure to repair your tooth, you may get skeptical initially. Of course you don’t want to have to make more appointments and spend extra time in the dentist’s chair, but your dentist only advises treatment that is essential to your health. When your dentist tells… Read more »

You’ll Be Glad You Handled That Cavity Now

When you receive bad news — and especially when you think you’re going receive bad news — it can be easy to put the whole situation off. You want to avoid pain and hassle, but when it comes to your oral health, this will only cause you more problems. Tooth decay and infection are products… Read more »

Modern Dentistry Makes It Easy To Recover

Your adult teeth have to stand the test of time, that’s why it’s so important to take care of your teeth continuously. Tooth decay is a long-term process that aggregates over time. Just because you’re cavity-free now doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to deal with tooth decay. When you do suffer tooth decay, modern… Read more »