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It’s Dental Assistant Recognition Week

A dental practice relies on a versatile staff to run smoothly. While your dentist has years of experience and technical knowledge, a team of dental assistants and hygienists make it possible for everyone to receive quality care. This week is Dental Assistant Recognition Week! This is a chance to acknowledge the great and valuable work… Read more »

Protecting Your Teeth Is as Easy as Following a Routine

When you fall behind in your oral health care, it can be easy to feel lost. If you’re suffering from cavities, it takes time and treatment to get rid of bacterial infection. However, if you want to stay out in front of oral health issues, it can be as easy as following a routine. Whether… Read more »

Dental Checkups Set You Up for Success

We all tend to prioritize different obligations and commitments in life, and that means that sometimes you have to put things on the back burner. It’s the only way to stay organized when you have a busy schedule. However, some things you can’t afford to ignore. One of those obligations is your biannual dentist checkup… Read more »

Night of the Living Bacteria: Avoiding Cavity Frights

Halloween is almost here. This is the prime season for watching horror movies in the dark. In these thrilling films, a terrible monster will often appear with superhuman strength to terrorize unsuspecting victims. Halloween brings with it a real-life threat that can strike before you realize what’s happening — tooth decay. The bacteria in your… Read more »

You’re Missing More Than Just a Dental Appointment

Everyone is always trying to cram more into their schedule — it seems to be a product of modern life. Everyone stays busy all the time, so when you end up having to reschedule or cancel an obligation, it’s totally understandable. However, there are some appointments that need your prioritization. One example: Your dentist appointment…. Read more »

Skipping Your Dental Exam? Not So Fast

You’re busy. Everyone’s busy. When you have a full schedule, something’s gotta give. It can be easy to let certain obligations (especially ones that you’re maybe less excited about) slip from the schedule. If you’re considering skipping out on your next dental exam, or you’ve made a habit of putting off checkups, not so fast…. Read more »

Why Dental Exams Are so Valuable

It’s easy for dentist appointments to start to feel like something you just sort of have to do. You show up every six months for a checkup, and (if you’re lucky) then you head on your way. However, these biannual visits are so valuable! During your regular dental exam, your dentist has the ability to… Read more »

What Can You Expect at Your Dental Exam?

Check your calendar. Is there a dentist appointment coming up soon? If not, have you had one recently? If the answer to both questions is “no,” then it might be time to do some scheduling. If making your dentist appointment just slipped your mind, take this reminder as an opportunity to get back on track… Read more »

3 Signs to Look for When Choosing a Dentist

Choosing a dentist for you and your family can be tough. For that matter, choosing to go to the dentist at all is tough for some. You want to find an intimate experience that is focused on improving the health of your teeth. Customized care ensures that your specific needs are accounted for, and that… Read more »