Advanced Technology for Improved Dental Care

computernetworkYou may wonder why we encourage you to come in for preventive care twice a year. While we certainly enjoy your company, our goal is always to guide you toward good oral health and away from potential problems that may cause discomfort or damage. When it comes to dental checkups, we offer advanced technology for enhanced comfort during your exam, as well as more accurate diagnoses and efficiency. Curious about what to expect from these special instruments and how they can improve our ability to protect your smile? Learn more:


Preventive Care At Home: A Quiz

toothbrushrainbowYou know that visiting us at least twice a year for checkups and dental cleanings is extremely important to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. As for our contribution to your oral health, we have the techniques and instruments to thoroughly remove plaque from your teeth, while monitoring changes before damage occurs. But do you know what you need to do to keep up your side of preventive care? When it comes to home efforts, feeling educated and informed on what you need to do on a daily basis is also an essential part of avoiding dental disease, for a smile that remains in wonderful condition for years to come. Test your knowledge with the following quiz.


Why You Need Root Canal Therapy

toothbluebckgroundIf you suffer from a severe cavity or some other type of damage that exposes your tooth’s roots, bacteria may easily make an entrance into these lower chambers of your teeth. Unfortunately, the result is often an infection that requires restorative care. The good news? We offer gentle root canal therapy to clear the infection and restore the health of your tooth. Because we realize that you may feel a bit uneasy when we suggest this treatment, we would like you to become more informed about what to expect. You will find that this treatment, like any other, is comfortable and will successfully steer you toward improved daily comfort and oral health, while protecting your smile:


Porcelain Veneers: Clearing Up Common Concerns

smilingwomanappleIf you have been thinking about porcelain veneers for your smile makeover you are probably already aware of their many benefits. From covering up minor problems like chips or cracks to filling spaces between teeth and offering a whiter smile, this cosmetic treatment is full of advantages. However, we often find that patients become concerned with false “facts” they hear about veneers. Rather than believing everything you hear – or read – allow us to clear up some common concerns about this service, so you can more quickly and confidently make your way toward your best smile:


Repair Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

smilewhitegreatWhen it comes to treating our patients who develop problems with their smiles, we are pleased to offer comprehensive restorative dentistry services. We recognize that no patient wants to find out that he or she has a cavity or has experienced some type of infection. However, we are very pleased to provide patients with the relaxing news that we can fix the problem, improve their comfort, restore function, and guide them back toward beautiful, healthy smiles. Wondering how restorative care may work for you? Learn about how we may be able to repair your smile with the following explanations:


Dental Fillings FAQ

toothhappythumbsupWondering why everyone seems so relaxed about your cavity? Shouldn’t you feel concerned about visiting us for restorative care? While we always prefer to protect patients’ mouths with preventive care, we recognize that most patients will experience a cavity during their lifetimes. In addition, we offer gentle care and a variety of dental fillings that restore the health of your tooth, while addressing your particular needs. Wondering what you can expect from a filling? Look over the following frequently asked questions – and answers – for a clearer understanding:


FAQ: All About Tooth Loss

smilematurewomanblueblouseWe recognize that tooth loss is often a traumatic experience for our patients. Whether you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a substantial amount, the loss may take a significant toll on your daily quality of life and the way you feel about your appearance. First, missing even one tooth can make for challenging speaking, eating, and daily hygiene. Additionally, you may feel embarrassed to speak with others for fear that they may notice the open space in your smile. Rather than continuing to allow the need for teeth replacement to negatively impact your life, speak with us about your tooth replacement solutions. By restoring the look and function of your smile, you can enjoy improved self-esteem and the ability to move comfortably through the day. Learn more with the following FAQs:


Achieve and Maintain A Whiter Smile

smilewhiteorangeflowerYou look in the mirror and what you see when you smile is not the gleaming, sparkling white smile you desire. Instead, it is a bit dim and discolored. If this describes your experience, you are a wonderful candidate for teeth whitening solutions. While you may assume cosmetic teeth bleaching is your only option – and it is a wonderful solution – we encourage you to consider the many ways to achieve and maintain a whiter smile for a clearer understanding of your choices.


Avoiding Teeth Stains at your Holiday Party

Red Wine BottleFor many people, holidays are a time for celebrating with good food and delicious cocktails. Whether you enjoy the tang of a festive cosmo, the zing of a midori sour, or the depth of a nice glass of merlot, many alcoholic beverages contain colors which will stain your teeth. If your dental health and hygiene is on par, your teeth can weather the occasional dark colored beverage now and again. However, if you have plaque and tartar buildup, tannins will cling to the sticky biofilm and make your teeth instantly tinted. Not the most attractive picture when you’re trying to mingle with family and friends. There are ways to enjoy holiday beverages without worrying about embarrassing teeth stains, however.

Seltzer Chaser

The bubbles in seltzer can clean just about anything. Have you ever known someone who used club soda as a solution for any stain? If you are (more…)

How to Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

improving your smile with cosmetic dentistryWhether it’s the color of your teeth, their shape or alignment, or something that you can’t quite put your finger on, the desire to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry is natural. Fortunately, we offer a variety of options that are tailored to each individual patient’s needs. To learn how one or more cosmetic treatments can drastically change your smile, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. (more…)