Holiday Photos Are Coming, Is Your Smile Ready?

The holiday season is full of different traditions and celebrations for everyone. Great food, movies, time spent together — it truly is a wonderful time of year. No matter who you are or where you come from, almost certainly, the holiday season means plenty of pictures too. Everyone wants to capture those special moments you spend together with loved ones, and you want to make sure you’re camera-ready when the time comes. A bright, beautiful smile stands out in photographs. Is your smile ready for the oncoming holiday photos? If not, cosmetic dentistry treatment from your dentist can help. (more…)

Will I Have to Lose My Damaged Tooth?

If you’ve suffered tooth loss as an adult, you know how stressful this condition can be. It causes both physical and emotional pain, and changes the way you’re able to consume food. It also causes social discomfort, and treatment can be costly. So if you have a tooth that is physically damaged or decayed, you may rightfully be worried about losing the tooth. Will you have to lose a damaged tooth? Not necessarily. Dental crowns are restorative treatment options that can save a structurally damaged tooth, which is great news for you. (more…)

Do Dental Stains Hold You Back?

Dental staining is a common occurrence that affects many people throughout their adult life. Over time, your teeth can pick up stains from the food and drinks that you consume. Your lifestyle habits, such as smoking, can also contribute to dental staining. Staining can create teeth that are yellow or discolored in appearance. This blemish on your smile may cause you to feel self-conscious. You may not feel as comfortable in social settings. If teeth stains are holding you back from enjoying life, it’s time to consider teeth whitening. Whitening through your dentist is convenient and delivers high-quality results. (more…)

Replace Your Missing Tooth Pronto

Tooth loss as an adult carries with it many significant ramifications for your oral health. If you’ve experienced tooth loss, you know the immediate effect that it has. You feel embarrassed about your missing tooth (or teeth) and you want to hide your smile. Beyond physical appearances, your missing tooth can cause problems when it comes to eating foods. Your exposed gums may be sensitive, and you may have to be especially conscious of what you eat. Beyond even the dietary problems, other oral health concerns can arise if you don’t replace your missing tooth pronto. (more…)

Root Canal Therapy Is Essential for Oral Health

Root canal therapy gets a reputation as being an uncomfortable, arduous procedure. It’s the epitome of a rough dental treatment. For that reason, you may feel apprehensive about undertaking root canal therapy. However, hold off on or avoiding a root canal procedure is the worst thing you can do for the health of your tooth. If your dentist recommends root canal therapy, that’s because this is the best way to save and preserve your tooth. On today’s blog, we explore exactly what goes into a root canal treatment and why this procedure is so valuable. (more…)

Night of the Living Bacteria: Avoiding Cavity Frights

Halloween is almost here. This is the prime season for watching horror movies in the dark. In these thrilling films, a terrible monster will often appear with superhuman strength to terrorize unsuspecting victims. Halloween brings with it a real-life threat that can strike before you realize what’s happening — tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth feed off of sugar, so chomping down on an excess of candy after trick-or-treating may spell disaster for your teeth. Here’s how you can avoid the frightening prospect of cavities and tooth decay this Halloween. (more…)

If You Notice a Cavity, You’re Overdue for an Appointment

You may have had this experience before: You go into visit your dentist after a long absence and he or she finds a cavity that you didn’t even know was there! This can happen because cavities develop slowly over time. If you continuously miss the same spot while brushing your teeth, a cavity may begin to form. Plus, it’s not easy to see every surface on your teeth. You may not notice a cavity as it starts to develop, but it can still be damaging your tooth. That being said, if you do notice a cavity on one of your teeth, that means you’re long overdue for an appointment and you need to treat it pronto. (more…)

You’re Missing More Than Just a Dental Appointment

Everyone is always trying to cram more into their schedule — it seems to be a product of modern life. Everyone stays busy all the time, so when you end up having to reschedule or cancel an obligation, it’s totally understandable. However, there are some appointments that need your prioritization. One example: Your dentist appointment. When you skip out on a dental appointment or continuously push it back, you’re missing out on more than just an appointment, you’re missing out on a chance to preserve the future of your oral health. (more…)

Live Life Unrestricted with Dental Implants

Suffering adult tooth loss at any stage of your life is frustrating. The initial experience can be painful, both emotionally and physically. Then you have to deal with the fallout from the problem. A missing tooth can cause sensitivity and make it more difficult to chew and enjoy your favorite foods. Spacing issues and pressure pockets create even more headaches for you to manage. You need a tooth replacement solution that repairs the damage done by tooth loss. Dental implants allow you to recover and live your life unrestricted. (more…)

Cosmetic Dentistry Boosts Your Confidence

“Confidence is key.” You’ve heard this saying applied to so many different scenarios, and that’s because it’s true! When you feel confident in a situation, people notice your energy. It puts others at ease. So, it’s important that you don’t things like an uneven or dulled smile reduce your confidence. If you don’t feel good about your smile, you can’t operate at your best. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can correct for all kinds of asymmetries and blemishes in your smile. With a wide range of procedures available to your dentist, all you need to do is ask. (more…)