Choose the Tooth Replacement that Works for You

If you’ve experienced the loss of a single tooth, or many of the teeth in your mouth, that doesn’t have to be a condition that you live with for the rest of your life. There are dental prosthetics that can create a lifelike tooth replacement to rebuild your smile and allow you to comfortably chew and eat food again. Choosing the tooth replacement that works for you is a matter of understanding your personal situation. Factors like the location and number of teeth that you’ve lost, your budget, and the health of your jaw will determine what dental prosthetic you should choose. (more…)

Fix Your Problem Tooth with a Dental Crown

Do you have a tooth that is always giving you trouble? It could be sensitivity, cavities, or just an ill-fitting shape. If you have a tooth that is giving you problems, it’s time to talk to your dentist. Teeth that cause you pain may be suffering from infection. It’s important to treat that infection quickly so that things don’t get worse. If it’s simply a matter of fit and appearance, your dentist can help with that too. Dental crowns are lifelike tooth restorations that fit over your tooth and correct a variety of issues. Size, shape, functionality, and appearance can all be corrected with a custom-fabricated dental crown. (more…)

Root Canal Therapy Can Save a Tooth

Damaged teeth pose an oral health risk on their own, and to the teeth around them. If your tooth has been severely infected by bacteria, that infection will continue to spread until you take action to stop it. When tooth infection worsens, it moves past the outer layer of enamel, and into the vulnerable interior of the tooth, eventually reaching the root canals. A tooth that has been overcome by infection may eventually have to be removed because of structural damage, and to preserve the teeth around it. Root canal therapy can save a tooth if used in time. (more…)

Eliminating Tooth Stains Can Boost Confidence

If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable with their smile in social situations, you should know that you’re not alone. Plenty of people would like to change something about their smile, but not everyone knows about the options available to them. Professional teeth whitening is a highly effective way to brighten the appearance of your smile, which can make a huge difference when it comes to your confidence. Whether you’ve experienced significant yellowing of your teeth, or if your teeth just don’t have the same dazzling effect as they used to, teeth whitening can eliminate stains to give you your confidence back. (more…)

Dental Implants Provide Relief for Patients

Missing teeth can create discomfort and inconvenience for patients who experience the condition. Tooth loss can be painful when it happens, and the emotional pain that follows is serious. You may experience discomfort when chewing, restrictions in the type of food you can eat, and social discomfort when meeting new people or taking photographs. In addition to relief from pain, you also want peace of mind. Dental implants are a prosthetic option that relieves physical pain, while also eliminating restrictions from your lifestyle. (more…)

A Filling Is the Final Step to Treat a Cavity

Dental fillings are one of the most common treatments in dentistry. They’re the simplest way to treat a basic cavity, and they’re incredibly effective when it comes to securing the future of your oral health. However, the filling portion of your treatment is actually the final step in healing a cavity. First, your dentist will need to clean out the buildup of bacteria in your tooth, and check your other teeth and gums for potential infection. In today’s blog, we’ll cover the different steps to treating a cavity, and why the process is so important for your teeth and gums. (more…)

Sugary Halloween Candy Poses Oral Health Risks

A night full of costumes and trick-or-treating is on the horizon for many people across the country, but Halloween also brings with it an important reminder about oral health. While the candy picked up during trick-or-treating can be a delicious, hard-earned treat, it can also contribute to cavity risks. Consuming lots of sugary candies and chocolates gives the bacteria on your teeth added fuel to grow and prosper. The bacteria can cause cavities when left unchecked, so it’s important to monitor candy consumption and adjust home teeth-cleaning activities accordingly. (more…)

Prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Everyone would prefer to have a healthy, happy smile that lasts throughout their life. However, that doesn’t always happen. The biggest reason why? Patients stop taking the preventive steps that would stop these conditions from developing. Preventive dentistry doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s mostly a matter of consistency. Gum disease and tooth decay are conditions that develop slowly over time. They’re the result of unchecked bacteria wearing away at your tissues. If you brush your teeth, floss, and visit the dentist, you will dramatically reduce your risk for these conditions. (more…)

Dental Veneers Offer Transformative Results

Almost everyone has something they’d like to change about their smile. Maybe you want a straighter appearance for your teeth. Maybe your teeth could be brighter, or more symmetrical. The thing that prevents most people from taking action to improve the appearance of their smile is concern over whether or not the treatment will work. A perfect smile sounds nice, but is it really achievable? When you work with a dentist that you trust, you can create a treatment plan to craft the perfect smile. Dental veneers are an option that can produce transformative results for your smile. (more…)

Do Dentures Make the Most Sense for You?

Over time, your risk for tooth loss increases. Neglect can lead to the rapid decay of your teeth, but infection doesn’t always strike quickly. In many cases, the accumulation of a lifetime of wear can cause your teeth to become fragile or damaged. If you lose a significant number of your teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, you may consider dentures. Dentures can effectively replace all of the teeth on a dental ridge. How can you know whether or not this is the right move for you? You’ll want to work with your dentist to review your personal situation and make the best choice for your oral health. (more…)