Does a Root Canal Have to Be Painful?

Root canal treatment has a reputation for being one of the more unpleasant dental experiences that you can have. That’s because the procedure involves accessing the interior of your tooth that lies deep beneath your gum line. Root canal treatment can be uncomfortable if left in the wrong hands, however, the right dental care situation can create a positive experience. If your tooth needs root canal therapy, then you should move forward with the treatment. In many cases, this is the only way to save your tooth. Just make sure you are entrusting the right dentist with the job. (more…)

Teeth Staining Happens Over Time

The yellowing of your teeth may concern you. No one likes to have a smile that is off-color and unphotogenic. If you’re worried about your teeth staining for medical reasons, you probably don’t need to be. Some forms of intrinsic staining (stains that come from inside the teeth) can be cause for medical concern, but most teeth staining is extrinsic. This means that the staining is coming from outside. Your dental enamel is strong, but it’s also porous. Little particles of pigment can get trapped inside, and over time, that leads to teeth staining. Professional whitening through your dentist can fix the problem. (more…)

Dental Implants Have Fewer Restrictions

If you’ve suffered from tooth loss, you want to replace your missing teeth so that you can get back to smiling and eating comfortably. A dental prosthetic can restore your missing teeth, allowing you to recover. Different dental prosthetics can be used to address different degrees of tooth loss, but they don’t all have the same features. Dental implants are durable, free-standing options that come with fewer restrictions than other dental prosthetics. You’ll enjoy bite power comparable to what your natural teeth provided. Choosing dental implants allows you to enjoy a comfortable oral health future. (more…)

You’re Causing Problems for Yourself by Ignoring Cavities

If you enjoy getting dental work done on damaged teeth, you’re in the minority of patients. Most people don’t enjoy having procedures, like dental fillings, done to fix their teeth. They find them uncomfortable, intimidating, and a burden to schedule. However, ignoring an issue like a cavity now can cause you real problems in the future. If you opt to avoid treatment for your oral health problems, they will eventually compound. Choosing a solution like a dental filling as early as possible can help prevent conditions like infected root canals and broken teeth. (more…)

Is Your Holiday Diet Contributing to Cavities?

The holiday season usually comes with an extravagant spread of delicious food that everyone enjoys. With the extra parties and get togethers added to the schedule, it’s no wonder that many of us tend to pack on a few extra pounds over the holidays. While resolving to exercise more in the new year is a good way to shed those extra pounds, weight gain isn’t the only concern when it comes to your holiday diet. Actually, changing up your diet can have an impact on your teeth. Is your holiday diet contributing to cavities? Here are some steps you can take to keep your teeth safe. (more…)

The Secret to Stopping Cavities and Gingivitis

Oral health problems can come in all shapes and sizes. Major issues like tooth loss and periodontitis can require serious attention and extensive treatment. Even small issues, like cavities, can plant the seeds for future health problems. Stopping cavities and gingivitis is critical for the longevity of your teeth and gums. The secret to stopping cavities and gingivitis isn’t as complicated as you might think. In fact, simple preventive steps taken on a daily basis can prevent bacterial buildup that harms teeth. Here’s what you can do to protect your teeth. (more…)

Whiten and Straighten Your Teeth With One Procedure

Making cosmetic adjustments to your teeth isn’t actually as involved as you might think. Many cosmetic procedures can be performed quickly and to great effect. How would you like to change your smile? Could your teeth be straighter? Do you wish they were a more uniform size? Would you like to have a whiter, brighter smile? You can achieve all of these cosmetic goals with a single procedure. Porcelain dental veneers are a transformative cosmetic treatment that can totally revamp your smile. If you haven’t looked into porcelain dental veneers for your smile, it’s time to learn more. (more…)

Choose the Tooth Replacement that Works for You

If you’ve experienced the loss of a single tooth, or many of the teeth in your mouth, that doesn’t have to be a condition that you live with for the rest of your life. There are dental prosthetics that can create a lifelike tooth replacement to rebuild your smile and allow you to comfortably chew and eat food again. Choosing the tooth replacement that works for you is a matter of understanding your personal situation. Factors like the location and number of teeth that you’ve lost, your budget, and the health of your jaw will determine what dental prosthetic you should choose. (more…)

Fix Your Problem Tooth with a Dental Crown

Do you have a tooth that is always giving you trouble? It could be sensitivity, cavities, or just an ill-fitting shape. If you have a tooth that is giving you problems, it’s time to talk to your dentist. Teeth that cause you pain may be suffering from infection. It’s important to treat that infection quickly so that things don’t get worse. If it’s simply a matter of fit and appearance, your dentist can help with that too. Dental crowns are lifelike tooth restorations that fit over your tooth and correct a variety of issues. Size, shape, functionality, and appearance can all be corrected with a custom-fabricated dental crown. (more…)

Root Canal Therapy Can Save a Tooth

Damaged teeth pose an oral health risk on their own, and to the teeth around them. If your tooth has been severely infected by bacteria, that infection will continue to spread until you take action to stop it. When tooth infection worsens, it moves past the outer layer of enamel, and into the vulnerable interior of the tooth, eventually reaching the root canals. A tooth that has been overcome by infection may eventually have to be removed because of structural damage, and to preserve the teeth around it. Root canal therapy can save a tooth if used in time. (more…)